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Truly Permanent Plant Labels That Outlast Plastic Labels for Decades

Andrew Crace designs and produces ALITAGS the finest range of permanent garden labels in the UK, including metal labels which are made from special Aluminium and copper, plus wooden labels which are made from teak & bamboo.

Aluminium Tags
Our special Aluminium plant labels can be written with Alitag pencil or just ordinary HB pencil. The pencil will react with the Aluminium's specially made surface and becomes permanent as time goes by. Professional Aluminium Labels can also be punched with Alitag Character Punches & Jig. >>> more details
Aluminium Plant Labels Professional Aluminium Plant Labels

Copper Tags
Copper Plant labels are another attractive, easy-to-use plant label which puts an end to your labelling problems. We have developed two types of copper tags, Ballpoint-pen Copper tags for engraving with an ordinary ballpoint-pen and Professional Copper tags for punching with Character Punches and Jig. >>> more details

Bamboo Tags
Bamboo labels are hand-made, and individually cut. Bamboo is strong and durable natural material. The cut bamboo tags have a smooth surface ideal for writing with a HB pencil, or Alitags Pencil or indelible pen. They are suitable for inside and outside uses. >>> more details

Teak Tags
Teak Tags are another truly permanent system. Teak labels blend in with your plants and will weather to a silver grey colour over time.  Teak is also a most durable wood and will last for many years. >>> more details

Oak Tags
Hand made in our Andrew Crace furniture workshop from FSC English and European Oak. These beautiful labels will last for many years and can be written on using our Alitag pencil or for bolder writing use a ‘permanent’ pen or a paint pen. >>> more details
Oak Plant Labels  

White Woden Tags
White Wooden Tags were popularly used for the kitchen gardens during the Victorian time. They are easy to mark with a good indelible pen. If you make a spelling mistake or wish to reuse, you can just repaint the labels then rewrite. >>> more details

Tying : Palm Hemp Twine & Plastic Strand
Black Palm Hemp Twine is made by hand with fibres from a tropical palm. It is very strong and rustic in appearance. The solid plastic strand is really strong. It comes on a bamboo ‘spool’ and look a little like raffia. >>> more details
Palm Hemp Twine for garden

Stone Labels
Herb Labels, Sentiment Labels, and Office Labels made of pebble stones. >>> more details

Wooden Keyrings
Boat, Tennis Court, Back Door, Ladders, Porch, Hall, Allotment, Kitchen, Window, bathroom, and 70 more locations.... >>> more details

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